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At the University of Central Missouri, student success and completion is at the core of our institutional commitment. For almost 150 years, our students have received a future-focused education from committed and notable faculty; upon graduation, our alumni have taken the skills they have learned at this institution and applied them to evolving industries to impact change in our state, nation, and global communities.

Give the Gift of Success

The Gift of Success is a commitment from our alumni to our students—a commitment that symbolizes a continued investment in the future of education and their industries, and a commitment to help future generations of students with their academic career. You can give The Gift of Success by contributing directly to the Fund for Student Success, a fund dedicated to providing scholarship support to our students with the greatest need, with the direct impact of furthering their opportunity to gain a meaningful degree.

There are many ways to give to the Fund for Student Success:

  1. Give Online Now
  2. Respond to a Mail appeal
  3. Respond to a student caller from our RED Call team
  4. Make a gift through electronic funds transfer (EFT) by downloading this PDF file
  5. Establishing a monthly credit card payment
  6. If you are a member of UCM's faculty or staff, by establishing a payroll deduction. Complete the pledge and payroll deduct forms, then sign and return both to the UCM Alumni Foundation in Smiser Alumni Center, Elliott Union.

Our Tradition: Opportunity for those who seek to learn

In 1871, Normal School #2 was founded to provide skills to teachers in Missouri; these first alumni took those skills out to their communities and became the catalyst for growth and excellence in our state and nation. Almost 150 years later, Normal School #2 is now the University of Central Missouri, but the foundation of our commitment is unchanged. Our institution is committed to the furthering of skills for those who seek to better our local, national, and global communities,and we believe that education should be accessible and affordable for all those who seek it. It is this belief and this promise that unites us in a common goal, and by giving The Gift of Success, you become an integral part of our history and our future as we strive to support more students in their academic pursuits, and impact greater change in our world. Thank you for supporting UCM and our students through the Fund for Student Success!

If you have any questions about making a gift, or the Fund for Student Success, please contact our staff at the UCM Alumni Foundation at 660-543-8000 or at 

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Join our community of 95,000 alumni and be a powerful force benefiting the University of Central Missouri. Your gifts support Scholarships, Academic Programs, Faculty Development, Research Projects, Facilities and Equipment.


is often the outstanding tuition needed for a student to complete their degree.

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$1.4 Million

from the Alumni Foundation endowment will support student success at UCM in FY18.

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