Student Alumni Ambassadors



UCM Student Alumni Ambassadors are an elite student organization who leads the Alum From Day One program.  Alumni Ambassadors are leaders from across campus who represent a diverse range of educational disciplines. Ambassadors uphold and strengthen University traditions, create connections with alumni prior to graduation, uphold the university's motto "Education for Service," and gain special opportunities in their network of contacts.  Ambassadors serve as hosts at alumni events, provide student perspectives to donors, and influence university pride as a Tradition Keeper. These student leaders will transition to Young Alumni leadership positions in their respective MuleNation chapters upon graduation.


Selection Process

The students will need to fill out an application and have an in-person interview. Students will be scored by all who assist with the interview process and selected based on feedback received. We are selecting 30 students this semester who will represent as a 2023 Student Alumni Ambassador. Faculty and Staff nominations are highly encouraged. The competitive selection process has two stages: application and interview. As an applicant moves through each stage, the voting delegation makes decisions about the applicant’s ability to serve the UCM Alumni Foundation as a Student Alumni Ambassador.


Membership Requirements

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for membership: 

  • Full-time University of Central Missouri student (undergraduate and graduate students)
  • In good standing with the university
  • Maintenance of a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Attended UCM for at least one semester
  • Have two semesters remaining at the Warrensburg campus prior to graduation*

*If a student alumni ambassador accepts an internship during one of the semesters, membership can still be obtained and kept if the student makes arrangements with the executive director before the first meeting of the semester. Undergraduate and graduate applicants must be able to serve as an ambassador until graduation.


Membership Term

Members in good standing with the group will retain their ambassador status until graduation. Following graduation, Student Alumni Ambassadors will transition into the Next Generation Council and MuleNation leadership positions in their respective chapters. Participation in three meetings and two signature events per semester secures a ticket to the UCM Student Alumni Ambassador retreat that includes alumni one on one connections, dinner, and experience. 

Student Alumni Ambassadors at First Pitch Banquet

Student Alumni Ambassadors at First Pitch Banquet

Student Alumni Ambassadors at Family Weekend

Student Alumni Ambassadors at Family Weekend Pancake Breakfast

Engagement Opportunities

These dates include functions that all members must attend unless granted an excused absence by the executive director or Student Alumni Ambassadors adviser. Excused absences are typically granted for a member who must perform duties for another organization, has an academic conflict or provides a university-approved excuse.


Student Alumni Ambassador Meetings
Second Tuesday of Every Month
6:00 p.m.
(subject to change per semester)

Week of Welcome Alumni Kickoff Party
Second week of school 
Fall Semester
Date Varies by Year

UCM Homecoming Events
Fall Semester
Date Varies by Year

Graduation Celebration
The last week of classes prior to finals week each semester







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