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We know that your philanthropy is a personal expression of your values and want to help you align your passions with the needs of the University of Central Missouri. Thank you for taking time to review the current priorities of the UCM Alumni Foundation. While these are the initiatives we are focused on, your charitable interests could inspire a new priority! Please contact us if you would like to discuss an option that is not listed below.    

Pressing Needs

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Gifts to the Central Annual Fund support the greatest needs at the UCM. The Central Annual Fund provides emergency need-based scholarships to students, funds numerous Opportunity Grants, and supports the continued operations of UCM and the Alumni Foundation. Each year the university is reliant on the Central Annual Fund for approximetly $250,000.

Central Annual Fund

UCMGives logo

UCMGives is the official crowdfunding platform for the University of Central Missouri. Designed for short term, high energy campaigns for specific needs of $5,000 or less, Through UCMGives, departments and programs share their pressing needs with alumni and donors. UCMGives is also the home of university-wide initiatives including Giving Tuesday and Match Madness.


Scholarship Endowments

Establishing a scholarship endowment brochure download

The UCM Alumni Foundation is proud to offer more than 600 active scholarships through UCM Scholarship Finder. These scholarships are possible because of generous donations from alumni and friends. As the demand for scholarships continues to grow, the UCM Alumni Foundation continues to make awarding them a top priority. It’s part of our commitment to ensure a quality degree from UCM remains affordable for all.

Endowed scholarships are particularly valuable because they provide a permanent source of funding for the scholarship; only the interest is used for the award. Anyone can set up a scholarship endowment to honor a loved one; support students in a particular college, school or program of study; give students the financial boost they need to complete their degree; assist incoming students from a specific location; encourage advancement of an art form or sport; or simply to create a lasting legacy. To establish a named scholarship, a minimum investment of $25,000 is necessary to create an endowment, and donors can take up to five years to establish the initial investment. Endowments are invested by the UCM Alumni Foundation, and a percentage of the earnings is awarded to one or more students. Endowed scholarships last forever at UCM, providing a benefit to generations of students.

Establishing a Scholarship Endowment Brochure


Faculty Chairs and Professorships

The University of Central Missouri's dedication to a quality learning experience begins with an investment in its faculty. Skilled, knowledgeable professors and leaders shape and invigorate strong academic programs. Recruiting and retaining a gifted and diverse faculty is paramount to ensuring student success.

Chairs and professorships are the highest distinction earned by top-performing professors who also demonstrate important leadership skills at UCM. Gifts supporting endowed faculty positions help provide UCM a competitive edge in recruiting a top-notch faculty. Charitable investments in an endowed position creates prestige in a department, funds faculty-led research with students and provides for professional development opportunities. 

Every academic discipline at the University of Central Missouri would benefit from endowed faculty positions. The first step in exploring this specific giving opportunity is setting up a meeting between you and a Director of Development.  Contact us to set up a virtual or in person meeting. 


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Capital Projects

Great buildings don't make great universities, but a great university requires great buildings. Discovery takes place both inside and outside the classroom — in hands-on learning laboratories, on athletic fields, in social settings and in contemplative spaces. To provide students the best learning environment possible, UCM continuously upgrades its classrooms and labs. The following capital projects have been identified as opportunities to improve and expand. Let us know if one of these projects interests you by emailing us at or calling 660-543-8000. 

T.R. Gaines Building

Thomas R. Gaines Technology Building Renovation


UCM Farms Expansion

Mules Football

Terry Noland Football Office Complex Updates





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