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1871 Society

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The 1871 Society represents a commitment to UCM's greatest needs that dates back to our founding. Because of an act of philanthropy in 1871, Normal School for District #2 was founded on 20 acres of donated land in Warrensburg. Membership in the 1871 Society is annual, and supports our university's ever changing needs so we may continue our motto of "education for service" via Opportunity Grants, advancing the Alumni Foundation, and more.

Gifts of $1,000 or more annually to the Central Annual Fund, either outright or via smaller monthly contributions, enable your membership in the 1871 Society while uplifting the tradition of philanthropy. Members not only enjoy exclusive campus experiences and updates, but witness firsthand how their gifts make a direct and lasting impact on our Mules and Jennies.

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1871 Society Members

Members of the society met with Opportunity Grant recipients at the annual 1871 Society donor recognition event and had the exclusive opportunity to take photos from the roof of the W.C. Morris Science Building.


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