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Next Generation Council


You are the future of MuleNation. Be a voice for young alumni.

The UCM Alumni Foundation hosts a program for alumni under the age of 40 called the Next Generation Council. The council serves as a key advisory group that aims to implement programs and activities to engage recent graduates while encouraging philanthropic support for the UCM Alumni Foundation. Through servant leadership, the council guides the staff of the UCM Alumni Foundation on matters of concern to young alumni through expertise, insight and feedback to help steer alumni activities that amplify the university's mission.

Examples of the council's great work include serving as a focus group for specific topics related to alumni engagement, nominating peers for the Distinguished Alumni for Early Achievement award, leading the 10 under 40 Honoree initiative, and serving as Class Agents.

Involvement in the Next Generation Council is fully remote. Despite its low time commitment, this volunteer activity is incredibly impactful and rewarding. Email to join!


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