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Party in a Box

It's a party any time UCM alumni get together!  

The Alumni Foundation is here to help you create a MuleNation celebration around an athletic watch party, to network in your area, develop professional relationships, or to just have some good ole' fashion "Burg" fun. Ready to get this party started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a Party in a Box?

Name Tags and Door Prize Slips
MuleNation Info Sheets and Pens
Envelopes for charitable donations
6 Red and Black Pom Poms
6 Mule Head Table Decor
UCM Swag for each registered guest
1 UCM Door Prize

What are the host responsibilities?

Prior to the event:

  • Visit with an Alumni Foundation staff member to determine if the UCM alumni population in your area will support a MuleNation event.
  • Mules and Jennies like to gather together.  Get your friends to bring their friends.
  • Secure a venue (public or private home) that provides a small gathering area and will allow you to reserve and decorate a few tables.  UCM Alumni owned businesses are a great place to start.
  • Share event details (date, time, and location) with your Alumni Foundation staff member.
  • If a watch party is planned, confirm that the venue can access the correct channel and is willing to do so.

During the event:

  • Arrive at the venue early to assemble supplies and decorate
  • Greet guests as they arrive and ask them to make a nametag to assist with introductions
  • Ask each attendee to complete a Door Prize slip (hold on to these after the event!)
  • Assist in making introductions
  • Take pictures

After the event:

  • Email event photos and mail completed door prize slips to 

How will the party be promoted?

Once the details are confirmed and submitted to your Alumni Foundation staff member, a promotions plan will be developed.  Multiple resources such as targeted emails, Instagram, and Facebook Events will be considered.

The alumni office will host online registration for your event. A registrant list will be sent to the event host prior to the event.

If you choose to host a private event inviting only those fellow alumni you personally know, we ask for you to provide their names and updated contact information.

Who pays for the event?

In a public setting, each attendee would pay for their food and beverages.

In a private home, the host would provide food and beverages.


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