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Event Planning


The University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation Alumni and Events team plans and executes significant alumni reunions, fundraisers, as well as special events for the Office of the President. Many things go into event planning: checklists, timelines, job descriptions, and budget templates. The UCM Alumni Foundation Alumni and Events team is here to partner with you and advise on best event planning practices, adhere to UCM policies, provide registration assistance, create a budget, develop marketing materials, and provide additional event planning tools.  

A fantastic event can create excellent engagement opportunities, corral a willing audience to hear your pitch, and energize your cause. Events are incredibly time-consuming. They are deceptively challenging to pull off, and have the potential to negatively impact your cause with as much chance as they can boost it. Please consider the information below before filling out the Event Planning Form to start the process.

  • Make sure you know why you are hosting the event. What is it that you want to accomplish with the event?
  • Will your event be a reunion or fundraiser?  A reunion is a casual alumni gathering and an excellent place to start if your alumni have not been engaged.  A fundraiser is designed to raise awareness and donations for the organization’s mission.  Keep in mind that a fundraising event requires a minimum of $10,000 in anticipated net profits.  
  • Who is going to be on your event planning committee?  Ensure you have identified the staff and volunteers who will help you plan and execute the event. Event volunteers can help promote and work your event.  
  • Make sure you have plenty of time (ideally a full year) to plan the event.  It is important to confirm your event and venue before assuming the event is “a go.” Ideally, this should be completed 9-12 months out from the event. Then, confirm the honorees or keynote speaker, and develop the programmatic flow of the event.

Now that you are ready to plan your event, please complete the Event Planning Form.  The form will serve as a guide and allow pre planning before the first committee meeting. If you don’t have the answer for each question, just note it on the form, and the Alumni and Events team will help you work through it.

Event Planning Form


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Party in a Box

A Party in a Box might be the perfect solution for your event! 

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